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The anatomy of a whale is designed to allow it to easily move through the water it is often amazing to see such a large creature move about with such grace the front limbs of a whale are called flippers they look like paddles and they will vary in size depending on the species of whale you happen to be looking atthe whale is an albino sperm whale considered by melville to be the largest type of whale and is partly based on the historically attested bull whale mocha dick rudyard kiplings just so stories includes the story of how the whale got in his throatwhen it comes to the anatomy of marine mammals whales dolphins and porpoises all share several common and unique characteristics that allow them to survive and prosper in the various oceanic environments they can be found living in like other mammals these marine animals require oxygen to breathe eyes to see ears to hear and mammary glands to feed their young among other thingsthe anatomy of a whale by steve connor share back the largest creature ever to have lived with a tongue alone that can weigh as much as an elephant the blue whale rules the ocean steve connor explains how this magnificent mammal evolved to such mammoth proportionsthe gray whale is one of the oldest mammal species on the planet it has evolving and adapting for 30 million years this marine mammal is a baleen whale and all baleen whales have two blowholes

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